Monday, December 8, 2008

Year 2008 going to 2009

Like any other year, Year 2008 is going to end very soon and another new year is coming again in no time....., whether we like it or not, we have no other choice but to welcome it with open arms, mind & soul.

Talking about NEW YEAR!.., around this time, it has always been a time for looking back to the past on what have we gone through or done, have or have not fulfill or succeed, and more importantly, looking forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.
Will this coming year 2009 be the year that I will finally obtained my life goal(s)?
Have been looking through and calculated the overall total balance this morning on those credit cards bills of mine, when and how on earth would I be able to achieve my financial freedom with that accumulated figure??!!
This will be the time when the old fashion and common question pop-up :
What will be our new year resolutions? What would our new year resolution for this coming new year be like? Yours leh?

My new year resolution? huh? mmmm.... have not given much thought yet... or did I ever have any new year resolutions made before this.... I've passed 37 years of my life and did I ever really sit down and spend time thinking back all those years that I've spend, on how I've spend it or have not spend it the way it suppose to be!?!? mmm...
Did I or did I not use all those years wisely? Suddenly this phrase came up, "Live Life to the fullest"
Well..., did I? I wonder... Am I happy with what or who I am right now?
All sorts of questions keep rushing in my head... Panic attack!! esp. because most questions are un-answerable that need answers....

I've came across this phrase somewhere recently :
Life is short, and everyone should live life to the fullest! You only get one chance to live. Make it the best. Each person lives differently, so make the spotlights shine on your life!
This make me think.... really think & wonder...that I might be or I am indeed a very slow and un-mature in thinking "of" and "for" my own self all these years. I've used up and needed 37 years to wake me up and realize on the actual meaning of "MY" Live, "MY" Goals and many other facts of life that I been trying to ignore and neglected. But now, just like waking up right after a bad, "blur-blur" dream, it makes me real scare deep inside.... OMG! Panic attack again! I've been left far way behind of dreams, times, days and years from many peoples of my age or even those younger than me. Peoples and friends are achieving their life goals, needs, financial freedom and some might and can even retired in no time, anytime or probably next year or by 40-45 but me?
Guess I better start doing my long overdue homework now and put my extra effort in planning & be many many times faster and harder now or else, I will never ever catch up with all those wasted & lost years....

Need to find ways and read more materials to boost my motivation level & spirit to plan and achieve my dream goals from now on. Well, this got to be my 1st new year resolution to start off with.

OK, at least I've found one to start off with.
How about you, you... and you out there?!?!?
Good Luck and Happy New Year to all.