Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reuniting With Old Friends and Ex-Lovers

By Ed Opperman Platinum Quality Author

Over time, we all lose touch with individuals from our past - old high school flames, distant relatives, childhood friends. It might have occurred because we drifted apart, because we lost an address, because we moved - and if that person married or remarried and took a different name, tracking him or her down can become even more difficult!

Nonetheless, locating an old friend or loved one is far from impossible. Here are a few good rules of thumb to bear in mind, however:

1. If you are thinking about him/her, he/she is most likely thinking about you. It's simply the way close relationships work!
2. People are astonishingly forgiving. I've never once had an instance wherein I found someone from my past who was upset to hear from me. Most of the time, people are absolutely elated!
3. A first love is always the strongest love - and the kind of love you had for a high school sweetheart and, if you are interested, can often be rekindled! I've seen this happen a hundred times or more.

Everything I have learned about tracking people down tends to leave me wondering as to why people don't do it more! If you are reading this and hesitating because you don't know where to start, and/or are afraid the trail has gone cold - trust me, you are wrong! And doing a little digging isn't as expensive as you might think. Really, what excuse do you have left for not getting started on such a project? How much longer do you want to wait?

Databases all over the world are set up to so that people can easily and inexpensively track one another down - for all sorts of reasons. Even using an old street address, a date of birth, an email address, a phone number, you'll often see impressive results!

That being said, you should be on guard against scams promising you instant results in trying to locate that old friend, because most of these will simply return outdated, stale information that is of no real use to you. Take the time to search out a reliable and well-reputed private investigator. You won't be sorry!

Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc. If you need to run a people search or skip trace contact