Monday, December 8, 2008

Body Restructuring with Bio Cranial System Therapy & Biomagnet Therapy is now in Bukit Mertajam

Body Restructuring for perfect figure & health with bare hands???!!
It's call Bio Cranial Therapy
One-Theory Holistic Structural Health Centre

What is actually Bio Cranial Therapy?

Bio Cranial Therapy is one of the most powerful ways to balance out the skull and the Skeletal System so you can experience Optimal Health.
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What is Biomagnet Therapy?
Biomagnet therapy is an alternative form of healing that has been in existence for over 100,000 years used in ancient Egypt, rediscovered by NASA; favoured as a cure by the famous yet accessible to all.

The claimed purpose of biomagnetic healing is to relieve pain and discomforts in the body
used in ancient Egypt, rediscovered by NASA; favored as a cure by the famous yet accessible to all. It is, of course, bio-magnetic healing, the therapy that helps the body heal itself. The author pf Biomagnet Therapy, Gary Null, says that, in additional of relieving pain and discomfort,
magnet can reduce inflammation and stess, improve circulation, help the body ward off invaders such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, correct central nervous system disorder, enhance energy supply, quicken healing, increase athletic endurance and performance and positively influence conditions such as aging, amputees with phantom pain appendicitis, asthma and bronchitis, breast fissures, burns, Carpal Tunenl Syndrome, Cervictis, depression, Dermatis, ear pain, endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, foot & leg problems, head injuries, hearts disease, muscle spasms, strains, sprains and joint pain.
How it works ?
They claim that how biomagnets work is based upon the body's make up of cells and how they interact. The explanation : All cells that are alive are electrical ; that is the outside of a cell has a negative charge and the inside, a positive charge. This combination of opposite charges allows the cell to function normally.
When a part of the body becomes damaged, such as the body's tissue, the damaged area responds with inflammation, which is caused by a lack of blood flow. This lack of blood flow blocks the body's natural ability to provide oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells.

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All these can be found here in Bukit Mertajam
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