Saturday, December 13, 2008

Question about Friendship?

What's the actual meaning of Friendship?
How well do each of us understand this word "Friendship"?

How deep or how well must a
"be friends" relationship between
each other be to able
one to call the relationship as Friendship?
Must we be super duper buddies before/now 'or' must all friends be best friends before are able to consider or to call this type of relationship as Friendship?

Article by McLean County Unit :
People use the word "friend" in a variety of ways.
  • A friend might be a casual acquaintance or someone who provides us with a close lifelong relationship.
  • Friends might be defined as those who know us well and are fond of us. However, there is no one definition of friendship.
A friend can be an ally or sympathizer. Researchers have noted that emotional intimacy and companionship are the types of support provided most often by friends. Of all our relationships, friendship is the most voluntary.
Research has found that friendships may become more important to our morale and overall well being as we get older. Friendship may be more important in older adulthood than during any other time of life. Many older adults live alone and reach out to friends for companionship. Retirement, health problems, and death of loved ones may lead to isolation for those who do not have friends.
Friendship can be a valuable resource that helps us maintain our independence, promotes self-esteem, provides role modeling, and encourages social activities. Friends can contribute to our feelings of competence, stability, encouragement, and satisfaction with life. They can also offer help and support in times of need by providing service, advice, and emotional stability.


Friendships are an important part of life at every age. They can provide companionship and emotional support throughout life. New friendships bring opportunities for growth, learning, and new experiences. As a person ages, relationships change when friendships are lost due to poor health, moving away, or death. That is why it is important to continue to make new friends, but keep the old.