Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lilian Too & Jennifer Too - Year 2010 Fortune & Feng Shui

Year 2010 Fortune & Feng shui from Lilian Too & Jennifer Too is out and I had just purchased mine today 6.9.09.

The Golden Tiger year of 2010 reflects the character of the tiger - an aggressive, fierce and tough year that is also resilient and with hidden good fortune possibilities.
This year is one of discordant energies. There are obstacles and frustrations ahead due to clashing elements and the aggressive nature of the tiger year makes thing appear worst than they actually are.

We face a scenanario lacking in good signs ; several indicators suggest a challenging year.
For many animal signs, 2010 is a time of tough choices and hard circumstances.

The golden tiger year does not bring smooth sailing to everyone ; only those stay resilient can successfully transform the year's problems into opportunities. It is vital not to get mentally defeated by the year's fierce energy and feng shui afflictions.