Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Power Of Visualisation and The Wonders of Numbers

Behavioural Studies & The wonders of numbers

VISIBER, strongly believe in the visualisation process as propounded by "The Secrets". "The Secrets to You" is worth to view every morning to start your day with a zest.

The Secrets to You

Visiber - Vision Numbers, the wonders of numbers
- You are numbered
- The wonders of numbers
- Behavioural Studies
- The study of the environment
- The Power of Visualisation

VISIBER was previously known as "Pyramick". However we felt over the years they needed to package to a more solid representation as our intention was to impact our brand name globally, and came with this new name "VISIBER" which means "VISION AND NUMBERS". Its a breakthrough in METAPHYSICS , is a combination of 4 idealogies and theories.

“Visiber Inverted Triangle” formula enjoys copyright protection in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and other countries. By haivng such protection, VISIBER is able to not only look after the interests of consumers, distributors and the company but also prohibits the illegal and unathorised use of VISIBER’s copyright protected formula.
Analysis of numbers plays as important a role as our journey through life. It is the key to unlock our self awareness. Numbers allow us to ponder the true meaning of life and to fulfill our dreams.

Its amazing what these numbers can do for you. Basically we are numbered from day day we were born, thus this system is based on our actual birthday which could tell you of our actual person characteristic , job nature , past and present . You would be surprised how accurate it is. I've personally tried being charted by someone who hardly knew me, and the results came out 90 % accurate !! It worked by using certain numbers to replenish what we are lack of. This would help you to boost your values in leadership, communication, planning , wealth , networking etc.

Having the birth date and year of a person, and using a self discovered methodology and summing up all the number into 1 single digit number (Greek method of calculation of Numerology) one derives all the numbers of the entire diagram as seen below.

Further, each of these numbers represents a symbolic analysis (this symbolic analysis is not based on the analysis of the western numerology) and each of these numbers too, represents one of the five element in the book of I Ching. With our discovered symbolic analysis in hand and taking into strong, consideration of the “Supporting”cycle and the “Controlling” cycle of the 5 elements (Wu Xing), one starts to interpret these numbers and the “Behavioral Science” of the person and its environment is infolded to an unimaginable paradigm.

The VISIBER’S objective is to play a ‘Pivotal’ role to balance a person’s life so that he or she is able to achieve self-actualization in business , health , career , relationship and wealth.

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